CATHERINE WEINGARTEN is a Brooklyn based playwright and comedy writer.  She is part of the theater collective, Candy 4 Breakfast, with her boyfriend-director Ben Stockman.

She has been involved with Art house Production’s INKubator’s writers group, Abingdon Playwrights Group as well as New Perspective’s Women’s Work Short Play Lab. She was a 2017 Tennessee Williams Playwriting Scholar at Sewanee Writer’s Conference and a 2018 Monson Arts Winter Resident.

She likes desserts and hiding her self help books when people come over to appear cooler!

BA: Bennington College     MFA: Ohio University

About My Work

My plays use comedy to comment upon the societal pressures young women face to be impossibly good-looking as well as ridiculously humble, kind as can be, but also sexy ;) In my work I aim to create a feminine world where young women are at the forefront, and heartbreak and feminine expectations are fully explored. As a playwright I am pretty inspired by the trashiest (in a fun way!) things you can think of: fruit loops, bikinis, angst, obscure diets and topics such as that. I love taking joyous, loud subject material and making plays that are a bit too fun to be seen in the theater. But with my work, there’s something freakier, deeper or more challenging at the center of the play like questioning whether we can ever communicate with one another or if it’s possible to escape our diet culture. I love taking two disparate things, putting them next to each other and seeing what happens, like doing science while drunk!