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The World is Ending and Maybe That’s Kinda Hot *

(6W, 5M) a drunk kinda adaptation of “The Decameron” by Boccaccio

*Note: This play will legit cure your heart break!

4 gentlewomen and 3 gentleman gather in a generic meadow in Italy to hang and tell stories and hit on eachother. They are like all kinda freaked/not in the bestt space though cause they just escaped the Black Plague, like no big deal cause they’re safe now…or are they??

*Currently being written/is a baby play



I wanttt a Unicorn Frappe!!!! *

(1M, 2F) an angsty girly comedy

Jenny's engaged! OMG! The only prob is her fiancee mysteriously leaves town for long periods of time and doesn't tell her, and also seems kinda bored by her... Oh well, at least she's planning her wedding atStarbucks and can have as many unicorn frappes as she wants!!

This play is inspired by my sadness that I never got to try the unicorn frappe because I was in school in Athens, Ohio and there were no real Starbucks stores around :(

*currently being written/baby play

This is How You Got Me Naked

(2 W, 2M) a sexxxxy full length party play!

It’s the “Dress to Get laid” Party: Jackie is dressed as a sexy trash bag aka looking good, and ready to hit on her sexy male dancer friend so he will LOVE her so hard he can’t even feel his own body!! Is Jackie destined to be another tragic tale about the perils of hookup culture or will she be the GF of an actual DANCER who is hot? ;)

*Inspired by my time at Bennington College, this is a play about sex themed parties, aspiring artists, tortured romance, hookups and trying very very very hard.

Development: Ohio University MFA workshop production (thesis play) directed by Ben Stockman, readings in Ohio MFA playwrights workshop


Are you Ready To Get PAMPERED!?          (5W, 1M)  a perky camp play!!!!

Hester got the girliest job of all time, she is a drama counselor at "Lake Pampered" a fancy all girls summer camp.  Only problem is, Hester is pretty weird.  In this goofy camp play in conversation with movies like "Meatballs" and "Wet hot American Summer", Hester struggles to find her own in a pampered, prideful, popular and sexy world.

Development- Last Frontier Theater Conference Playlab, Less Than Rent Theater, Wide Eyed Productions "Winks" reading series(NYC), Uncorseted Series with Off With Her Head Productions. 


Karate Hottie (3W,1M) a feisty full length play

When 16 year old, Dart fell in love with her sexy, manly karate instructor she didn’t know she would engage in something that promises to be way more complicated and way more wrong and way more HOT than she ever thought it could be ;)

Development: Ohio University Playwriting MFA 21st Annual Seabury Quinn Play Festival, West of 10th Reading Series.

Awards: Semi-finalist for ATHE Excellence in Playwriting Award- The award honors a new play marked by sophisticated and nuanced storytelling, with the potential to make a major artistic impact on contemporary theatre.


Shut Up, I'm on a Diet! (2W, 2M) -a super feminine full length play

When Tess, a hip tortured teen, gets sent to a sketchy underwater themed eating disorder treatment center, the only thing she wants is to escape!  With intense pressure from her overbearing needy manly father to get better, can Tess get better and actually take control of her life or will she do something devious and seduce a random kinda douchey guy who works at the center in order to get a ticket out of thereeee?

Development: Ohio University Seabury Quinn Playwrights Festival, PlayGround Experiment in NYC and Women's Theater Festival "Occupy the Stage" Festival.


This Car Trip Suckss (1F,1M) -a super angsty-ish road trip play   (so much angst, so little time :p)

In this road trip friendly dark comedy, we watch Tess and her Dad on the way to an eating disorder treatment center to drop Tess off. Two people in a car driving somewhere no one wants to go to, about to deal with a disorder neither of them completely understands.

*Note: This is a companion prequel piece/sister play to "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!

Development: Piper Theater Productions Emerging Artist Workshop Series, June 2016.

Awards: Semi-finalist for Steinhardt YA Play Development series



A Roller Rink Temptation    (1 M,6W)  a Feminine Dark Comedy with lots of cotton candy and fantasy sequences

"A Roller Rink Temptation" is a coming of age dark comedy romp about six girls at a lesbian roller rink struggling for love in a new and daunting world.  Rootabega is super jewy and confused about her sexuality, but luckily one of the rink's employee's Lemonade is ready to show her around.  Poppy is finally 16 and her and her BFF Clementine are super excited to celebrate; too bad a fat, scary, girly repressed secret threatens their friendship.  Salmonella says she's "straight" but a chance encounter with an awkward butch artist named Bluebell complicates everything.  LET's GET TEMPTEDDD!!!

Development- Bennington College, Powerhouse/NYSF apprentice company reading, Workshop Production at New Orleans Fringe Fest(2014)



Janis and the Big BAD World

 (2 W, 2M) an important parable forinnocent young 21st century chicks

Janis a friendly intellectual college freshman with a wholesome male friend, a thirst for understanding Tennessee Williams romantic past and above all, bright promise!  But her college is in NYC and soon she is confronted with such issues as sexual harassment, depression, internet dating and friends hitting on her!  Can a sweet naivething such as JANIS, face the BIG BAD WORLD?  Or is she doomed to be a casualty?

Development: Wide Eyed "Double Take" Adaptation Play Reading Competition Series (semi-finalist), Rhapsody Collective.




Short Plays

A Rebecca Temptation

(2F) When two lesbian friendly chicks connect at a roller rink, can something sexy happen?  Or is Rootabega too scared to take a risk because her Rabbi would get pissed at her?  Production History: Drowning in Blue, Ampersand Arts reading series.


Goth vrs. Cheerleader (sister's edition!)

(2F) Two sisters.  Two complete opposites.  But things get messy when the popular sister tells the goth-er one that she cant talk to her in public anymore.  Production History: Abingdon Theater, Dark Horse Dramatists.


Hot Santa

(1F, 2M) when a new hot mall santa is hired, things start to get weird around Christmas time!   Production History: Less Than Rent.


If you came closer (it would get hot!!)

(1F,1M) When two young aspiring artists reconnect on the internet, things might just finally get interestinggg Production History: "Snapshots" 20% Theater Company Chicago.


Friendship Camping Expedition

(1F,2M) A trashy one act about camping, real live marshmallows and hookups.  How far will you go to make your "friend" into something sexier?


Pineapple Upside Down Cake

(1F,1M)- Lemon and Tucker are bffs except Tucker is embarrassed by her in public. Things change when Tucker gets kinda dumped by his renaissance fair girlfriend Maribel. Somethings about to happen between them, but can they handle it? In this weird, sexy,experimental 10 minute play we watch Lemon and Tuckers first time but it's not exactly how either of them thought it would be.  Production History: Semi-finalist at KCACTF Region 2, Last Frontier Theater conference Fringe Festival, Poetic Theater Productions.


Madness Plays

At Ohio University MFA playwriting program, each week the MFA playwrights write a new 3-5 minute play on a different topic and it's presented in a staged reading format the same week.


You and Me on a Mountain

(1W, 1M) Who wants to visit their father on a mountain? Not this chick.  Production History: Ohio University Midnight Madness short play fest. (Part of Desperation Madness, produced by Jeff Chastang)


Barbie Throws a House Party

(2W)  Barbie and Skipper are having so much fun at Barbie's super girly house party! But when Skipper tells Barbie a weird secret, it threatens the very core of their oh so fun friendship...  (Part of "House Party" Madness, produced by Neal Adelman)


Watch Yo Back Gurl(there might be a flying tree stump!)

(3W). 3 Chicks.  1 girly video game. What could be better? but when Una starts realizing she might be the third wheel, things start to look not so rad :(