My play "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!" was featured in IndyWeek's article, In Year Two, the Women's Theatre Festival Improves Its Occupy the Stage Marathon, Putting Up Several Staged Readings We Want to See Fully Produced


Here's an excerpt:

"..And many were well worth seeing—professional-quality scripts worthy of full productions. In light of Space Girl's graduation to the main stage after its Occupy reading last year, here are several shows from this year's lineup we'd like to see again:

Shut Up, I'm On A Diet!: Under Lorelei Lemon's direction, playwright Catherine Weingarten's irreverent, cinematic farce seemed like a feminist twist on Wes Anderson. Conniving but charming California teen Tess (Anna Broadway) is driven to a sketchy eating-disorder clinic by her equally sketchy dad (a convincing Allan Maule). The deft social satire hits its bull's-eyes—trendy tech and pop psychology—as Tess manipulates a clueless intern (a rewarding Matthew Tucker) and her straitlaced roomie (a believable Rosemary Takacs).




Reviews from my Plays

In addition to the full productions, Charles Smith(head of the Ohio MFA Playwriting program) pointed out his “very strong” first-year class consisting of Catherine Weingarten and Rachel Bykowski due to the nature of their plays. 

“Both have written really different plays that both address feminism, women, body image and women’s role in the U.S. and this culture in radically different ways, so I find that to be very exciting,” Smith said.

-from Athens Post article about the 21st Annual Seabury Quinn Playfest of work by Ohio MFA Playwrights, where my play KARATE HOTTIE was featured.


Lysistrata Adaptation, directed by Katie Lupica, with Stone on a Walk Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio

-Read Article in Cincinnati Enquirer


"A Kind Kind Man"Directed by Zach Stasz, with Stasz/Pruitt ProductionsNYC Frigid Festival ( winter 2011)

"Weingarten is a very creative, imaginative young writer with signs of wit and originality poking through."

"A good beginning by playwrightCatherine Weingarten"


"A ROLLER RINK TEMPTATION"(New Orleans Fringe 2014)

Check out the review from The Nola Defender

Check out this jew friendly promo article


This is How You Got Me Naked

Review on script by awesome fellow OU alum and theater artist, David Hansen

"God, I needed this play this morning. Weingarten writes entirely absurd but plausible Millennial dialogue with absolutely no shame.  If I didn't know any better, I would think this piece was written specifically to piss off my Baby Boomer colleagues.

Every generation tells their story of longing and unrequited romance. Every subsequent generation has their opportunity to say, yeah. That's not it."

Read full blog post here






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I was the FEATURED Bennington College Student Playwright of the month for APRIL!   This interview was on Bennington College's Drama Wall and they have copies of my new play "Are you ready to get PAMPERED!?" in the conference room for the month of April.