Fun Fact about Me: I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and that def shows in my work ;)  Some of my more dessert friendly plays include the plays: Donkin Donut Themed Life Choices, Whipped Dream and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Fun Fact about Me: I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and that def shows in my work ;)  Some of my more dessert friendly plays include the plays: Donkin Donut Themed Life Choices, Whipped Dream and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.


Spring events, details TBD:

A production of my lesbian roller rink play, "A Roller Rink Temptation" with the Dare Tactic- May 2018

A workshop of my new play "The World is Ending and Maybe That's Kinda Hot" with Less Than Rent.







"Karate Hottie" is a finalist for Boomerang theater's First Flight Reading Series!

Read more here




My short, trashy play Gurl Chat about girls chatting and one girl failing at it, will be part of the "Always for Pleasure" Festival in NOLA, produced by Court 13 (artists behind "Beast of the Southern Wild") and curated by Drowning in Blue(who I luvv and have collaborated with before!!.)

Dets- November 18th, New Orleans, LA more details here



I got featured on the cover of NPX in their new "highly recommended comedies section" for "This is How You Got Me Naked"!! Woot woot!


An excerpt from my play "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!" will be featured in Poetic Theater Productions "Judson Art Wednesdays"

Details: Wednesday, August 2nd, Judson Church 7pm

Judson Arts’ longest-running populist art and food program provides a full, free potluck-style meal cooked by our volunteer corps and served at 7:15 pm, followed by a free performance on the Meeting Room dance floor or in The Loft.

On the first Wednesday of each month, join us for free homecooked dinners, good vibes, better people, and entertainments. This month, Poetic Theater Productions artists will be sharing new and developing work inspired by the concept of a “bailout.”


I will be attending the Sewanee Writers Conference with the Tennessee Williams Playwrights Scholarship! I will be studying with Naomi Izuka and Dan O’Brien!

Don’t misss me toooo much NYC!

Also Look how happy these writers below look, that's def a good sign that I'll like it! yay!

Dates-July 18th-30th!



My full-length play "Are You Ready to Get PAMPERED!? will have a reading directed by Andy Scott in Crown Heights at Cafe Forte July 15th with Off With Her Head Productions!



My full-length play "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!" will be apart of the Women’s Theater Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina June 30th !

The event will be a 12 hour binge reading festival of new works by female playwrights and the theme for the plays is "Women are Funny."

Their website says, “This event will contain 12 hours of original works written by female playwrights, done in the style of reader's theatre.”

This is the first reading for “Shut Up” since its staged reading at Ohio University, woot woot!

-An excerpt of "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!"  will be featured at the PlayGround Experiment Works in Progress Reading Series!

Details: Monday, June 12, 2017, 6:30pm 9:00pm Think Coffee




Some of my work will be featured in Bennington College's "New Works Ensemble Class" final showcase, taught by Dina Janis! The plays are all written by Bennington alums and other writers include Sean Patrick O'Brien, Margot Connolly, Eric Marlin and Sibyl Kempson. I can't wait to go up to Bennington to see it!


An except of "Karate Hottie" directed by Anne Cecilia Haney will be featured in Paper Kraine's works in progress May showcase benefiting Planned Parenthood!

Details: May 31st at 7:30pm in NYC, location:Kraine Theater, buy tickets here




My short play “Pineapple Upside Down Cake” will be part of Midnight Summit Ensemble 10 Min Play Slam!! The 10 Minute Play Slam will perform on April 10th and 17th at 8pm

The Frontier Theatre, 1106 W. Thorndale Ave. Chicago, IL 60660


-My thesis play "This is How You Got Me Naked" at Ohio University will be presented in the Forum theater and will be directed by Ben Stockman, as part of the Seabury Quinn Playwrights Festival!

Dates for the show: 4/13 @ 8pm, 4/14 @ 8pm, 4/19 @ 8pm, 4/22 @ 2pm & 8pm

Location: The Forum Theatre
19 S. College St.
thens, OH, 45701

Read an interview about the play with me!

The show is in rep with my friend Rachel Bykowski's "The Big Fuckin Giant"!


-My commissioned short play will be livestreamed through BU facebook page: I just got commissioned by David Miller of Bloomsburg University to be part of "Voice Recognition, a Virtual Theater Festival."  He has commissioned 6 professional playwrights to write 10 minute pays through voice recognition devices and the plays will be live streamed from BU this April!  Can't waittt, bring on dat technology!  Read more here

-I graduate OU by the end of the month and move back to NY!




My 10 minute play,"You Looked Hot When you stole that dress from Walmart" will be part of the all female Thalia Festival in NYC with AlphaNYC Theater Company. Dates and Dets coming soon!

Click here and here for tickets!

The Roebuck Theater- March 9th-11th

Featuring Plays Written By

Allie Costa
Caroline Ranald Curvan
Catherine Weingarten
Ellen Sullivan
Jeanne Beckwith
Jenny Seidelman
Martha Patterson
Nattalie Gordon

Directed by Denise Ivanoff


Alice Gabrielle


My short play Pineapple Upside Down Cake will be featured on the “future is female fest” in Philly on the upcoming livestream on March 29 at 7:30pm EST.



-A new monologue of mine will be featured in NYC on Valentines Day at the Wild Project through Poetic Theater Productions!

Get more info

Love, Redefined: RESIST

Art and Love as an Act of Rebellion

8PM Tuesday, February 14th

Wild Project

Presented as a part of Poetic License 2017: Resistance



-A short play of mine "Let's Makeout!" is going up in Binghamton, New York with Dark Horse Dramatists!

It will be February 24th and 25th at Cider Mill Playhouse



My play "Karate Hottie" will be apart of Wide Eyed Productions Wink Short play series: January 10th, 7:30 at the Drama league, directed by Hannah Wolf.  So excited to work again with this awesome theater!

Details below:

What Women Want

An evening of theatre dedicated to developing plays with great roles for female actors

 at The Drama League 

32 Avenue of the Americas
Ground Floor- Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley Studio
Accessible by: A,C,E,1,N,Q,R,J


There will be 4 segments presented each month led by a different director. The idea is to cast a wide net among the New York City theatre community and bring them together in one room in a monthly celebration of budding theatre. Since these are such small segments of a larger piece the rehearsal commitment should be fairly limited and has the potential to grow into a larger project in the future.


January 10th @ 7:30pm

Karate Hottie by Catherine Weingarten

Elevator Girl by Donna Hoke

Hell is You by Rebecca Jane Stokes

Whore: A Kid's Play by Reese Thompson


My short play "Pet Appreciation" is featured in Less Than Rent's awesome trashy Christmas show!! Come see it in NYC on December 5th! Click here for more info



-My next biggest project is a thesis workshop production in April 2017 at Ohio University!!  And this year will also be my last year at grad school before I move back to NYC.  My first reading of "This is How You Got Me Naked" will be September 12th at 5pm at Kantner!



Come see ma play !!!

You Looked Hot working at that up and coming cookie place in Brooklyn
By Catherine Weingarten
Director: Lauren Z. Adleman
Actors: Khamaïle Angélil, Jacqueline Lynch, Blake Merriman


I have been accepted into Dirty Blonde's "Play in a Day" fest where I will have less than 24 hours to write a brand new 10 minute play and collaborate with new theater artists!  The theme for the night is "Freak show."  The final product will be Sunday, 24th at the Kraine Theater in NYC.  Come check it out!!  I am so excited to work with this awesome company for the first time! 

Buy tickets here

From their website:

We selected 7 playwrights, 7 directors, and 19 actors to participate in this truly unforgettable experience. Selected participants will meet for the first time at 8pm on Saturday, July 23 and be randomly assigned into teams. Playwrights will have until 8am Sunday, July 24 to submit their brand new 10-minute script. Directors and performers will have the day to rehearse and tech until the off-book performance at 8pm that same day. It's a wild and unforgettable ride, and we'd love for you to come along!

This time we'll explore stories of Freak Show performers and the label 'FREAK' - how do we 'otherize' people different from us, how do we exploit those difference, and ultimately how can we humanize those who may scare us?



I have been commissioned by Piper Theater Productions to write a 60 minute one-act to get workshopped this June!  Here are the details belowww!  I am so excited to work with this awesome theater company again!

By Catherine Weingarten
Directed by Annie Montgomery
In this road trip friendly dark comedy, we watch Tess and her Dad on the way to an eating disorder treatment center to drop Tess off. Two people in a car driving somewhere no one wants to go to, about to deal with a disorder neither of them completely understand.

Friday 6/10 7:30 pm

Studio D
421 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Fifteen Dollars a Ticket
Proceeds go to support Piper’s Emerging Artist Series




I also will have a FREE reading of "Karate Hottie" June 22nd, with West of 10th theater, an awesome small new company!!

From their website:


On Wednesday June 22, 2016 at 7pm, West of 10th will present the next play in our reading series: Karate Hottie, a new play by Catherine Weingarten, directed by Ben Stockman. In Karate Hottie, 16-year-old Dart falls in love with her sexy, manly 37-year-old karate instructor, but she doesn't know that she'll engage in something that promises to be way more complicated and way more wrong and way more HOT than she ever thought it could be. This play tracks the story of a young outsider chick who will do whatever it takes to get her man, eat as much Chinese food as possible, and play by her own rules ;)

Please reserve your free ticket on Eventbrite. We look forward to seeing you there!



I will be headed to Atlanta for a week at the end of May to be an MFA Mentor at New South Young Playwrights Festival at Horizon Theater!!


An excerpt of my new play, "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!" will be apart of the PlayGround Experiment Reading Series this May 24th in NYC!  They rock!

Details below:

  • Monday, May 23, 2016
  • 6:30pm-8:45pm
  • Think Coffee
  • Click here for more info and to rsvp!



My short play "It's so Hard to be Marsha" is apart of the rad New Orleans Based Theater Company "Drowning in Blue" and is apart of their "Red Light One Acts v.4"  Check it out!!!  It runs:

march 31 - april 3

8:00pm at   playhouse nola, 3214 burgundy st., New Orleans, LA



My full length play, "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!" will be apart of the 22nd Annual Seabury Quinn Jr Playfestival at Ohio University.  The reading will take place Saturday April 23rd at 4pm in Kantner Hall!

January 2016

I am very excited to announce that my 10 minute play "Pineapple Upside Down Cake" will be apart of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region 2!  The festival will take place January 12th through 16th at West Chester University!  I am super excited to meet other theater professionals and get a reading of my play at this prestigious festival!



My short play "Watch yo back gurl(there might be a flying tree stump!)" will be apart of Less Than Rent's "How LTR Stole Christmas" Holiday Variety show December 16th at 8pm in NYC!  So excited to work with this awesome company again!



The second reading of my play "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!" will be Monday, November 9th in the Hahne Theater in Kantner!


My full length play "Are you ready to get PAMPERED!?" will have a staged reading at 59e59 through "LESS THAN RENT" Theater in NYC on November 9th!



A reading of my second year full length play "Shut Up, I'm on a Diet" will have a reading Monday October 5th at 5pm at OhioU.  Come check it out!




My short play "Watch yo back gurl (there might be a flying tree stump!)"  about 3 teen chicks playing a sketchy princess video game will be performed in Louisville, Kentucky by the Actor Theater of Louisville Acting Apprentice Company.  It is part of an independent project by the actors called “Spooky Old Lou.”  The piece is originally from Ryan Patrick Dolan's "Creatures of the Night" Madness(OU's short play festival)

All the playwrights are either current students or alums of the MFA playwriting program at Ohio University: We'll be performing short pieces by Rachel Bykowski, Jeffry Chastang, Tyler Whidden, Catherine Weingarten, Bianca Sams, and Sarah Bowden.

Here’s the facebook event:

The show is Monday, October 19th from 6-10pm (showings all during that time)

"Listen Una, let’s get to da point, we don’t wanna be friends with you cause ya SUCK!"


My short play "Tea Parties Rock!" written for Realize Your Beauty(where I am the playwright in residence) will be performed at the "Uniquely Me" Cinderella Ball October 24th at 5pm in Brooklyn.




I will be producing Midnight Madness short play festival September 25th at Kantner Hall at Ohio university!


I also go back to Ohio University for my second year of grad school, where I will be writing a whole new full length play! oh zut!!(that's french!)  My Work will also be featured in a weekly short play showcase called Madness at OhioU.



My short play "If You Came Closer...(it would get hot)" about 2 amateur performance artists who connect online in a hot way, will debut at the female driven company, 20% Theaterin Chicago as part of their "Snapshots short play festival"

Snapshots will be taking place August 13th - 16th and August 20th -23rd, Thursdays - Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. All performances will be at the Cornservatory (4210 N. Lincoln Avenue) in Chicago. Click here for more info


There will be a reading of my play "Are you ready to get PAMPERED!?" in NYC on August 11th as part of Dixon Place's Bingo Lounge, directed by Andy Scott, who does it for me.

“If your face doesn’t smell like strawberries, what the f**k are you doing?” Welcome to Lake Pampered.



An excerpt from my play KARATE HOTTIE will be featured at the PlayGround Experiment in NYC this July 13th at 6pm!  LOCATION: 
FIKA 55th & 10th Avenue 


Come see the production of "Lysistrata" I helped adapt/make trashier!  which will happen this month with Stone on a Walk Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio!  It will be directed by Katie Lupica!  For more info read this blog about the show!

July 17 - 25, 2015 | Simple Space



My short play "Amateur Magic" will be apart of "Inside a Bear" storytelling collective's Inaugural show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  The group was co-founded by Nicholas Walker Herbert, who I went to the Last Frontier Theater Conference with! Most of the writers involved have attended the conference also, including my friend Siobhan Gilbert!

Performance dates/times – July 16th (Thursday), 17th (Friday), 18th (Saturday) and 23rd (Thursday), 24th (Friday), 25th (Saturday) – all at 7:30pm.  For more info




My full length trashy summer camp play, "Are you Ready to Get PAMPERED!?" will receive a reading at the Last Frontier Theater Conference in Valdez, AK.  The conference runs June 14th-20th.  So excited to go back to this rad conference!!  the Play will be done Monday, June 15th at 3:45.


The week-long Last Frontier Theatre Conference is held every June in Valdez, Alaska. It draws a majority of its participants from Alaska, but each year there are also attendees from the rest of the country and beyond.

The Conference essentially consists of three parts. First, the Play Lab is the heart and soul of the Conference. Each year, submissions from playwrights are solicited, and the writers of the top scripts are invited to present their work in a Play Lab reading. The presentations are responded to by a panel of theatre professionals (Featured Artists) and by the audience. The writers also receive a private consultation with one of their panelists.


My short play “Goth vs. Cheerleader” will be part of Darkhorse Dramatists “200 Miles Off Broadway” short play fest.  I am so excited to collaborate again with this awesome company!!


An excerpt from my new play “Janis and the Big BAD World” (a play about an innocent chick who moves to NYC and kinda sucks at it!) will be presented at Playground Experiment “works in progress” series on May 25th!  The event starts at 6:30pm and will be at Fika Coffee at Yotel(40th st/10th avenue).  I am one of five writers that were asked to present works in progress!  Click here for the facebook event!


I will be visiting my old high school, FRIENDS CENTRAL SCHOOL, (specicially their drama class) in Wynnewood, PA to read excerpts from my new play "ARe You Ready To Get PAMPERED!?  I am super excited to meet the drama students and talk about the play development process!!   I will be visiting May 11th and 12th.


My short gay roller rink friendly play “A REBECCA TEMPTATION” will be apart of DROWNING IN BLUE’s One Act Fest this May in NOLA.  I am so excited to work with this awesome new company! 

Josh Sienkiewicz, one of the founders of the group, was in my play ICE CREAM IS FOR LOVERS with Nylon Fusion Collective in NYC, So I am super excited to collab again!


Click here for info on the Seabury Quinn Playwrights Festival at Ohio University!  There was a reading of my first year full length play, "Karate Hottie" involved wit dat!  It wasThursday April 23rd at 1pm at Baker Th



My short play "Feelin' Lonely" is part of this "365 Women a Year" Event at my alma mater, Bennington College on Friday, March 27th:

On Campus and Livestream | 365 WOMEN A YEAR’ LIVESTREAM | On March 27, starting at 7:40 pm, the “365 Women a Year” reading at Bennington will feature five original one-act plays by students and alumni, including those by Shellen Lubin 74 and Catherine Weingarten 13, and is one of more than 200 readings across the world featuring works about extraordinary women in history. The livestream is 7:40–9:30 pm on HowlRound TV.

The event will take place on March 27th at 7:40pm in the Bennington College Student Center. The evening will feature staged-readings of five original one acts written by Bennington College students and alumni. The evening will also be live-streamed on HowlRound and Nitenews, as part of the 365 Women a Year 24 Hour Broadcast.

We are very pleased to announce the plays that have been selected for the event.


EN EL MEDIO by Maia Villa

FEELIN’ LONELY by Catherine Weingarten

AFTER THE THIN MAN by Shellen Lubin

WHITE COTTON by Shellen Lubin

For more information on the readings, please email For more information about 365 Women a Year, please visit the website.


-My play “Janis and the Big BAD World” will move to the next round of the Wide Eyed Productions Competition Series!

FACEBOOK POST: It's a tie! Congratulations to our first semi-finalists in The Double Take WINKS series: Catherine Weingarten ("Janis and the BIG Bad World") and David Rigano ("Not the Same Old Story") have won in their category for ANYTHING BUT DISNEY. Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and come play with us again in April. We'll be back for more WINKS goodness the first Tuesday of every month from now until August!



February 2015

 the second Reading of my first year play at the MFA program at Ohio University, “Karate Hottie”, will take place Wednesday, February 25th at 5pm in Kantner 308, Athens, Ohio.  Woot woot

My short play “Feminine Adventures in Reality” will be apart of Poetic theater Productions “Love Redefined showcase!  This is my second time being apart of this awesome, romanticccc event!!  More info:

Saturday February 14th (Valentines Day) at 8PM

Poetic Theater Productions’ fifth annual celebration of non-commercial, non-traditional love featuring poetic and theatrical remixes, re-imaginings and riffs by more than ten incredible poets & playwrights responding to traditional sonnets and love poems.  Inspiration poems and newly developed pieces are presented side-by-side.  Previous years included inspiration pieces by William Shakespeare, Pablo Neruda, Ghandi, Audre Lorde, John Donne, George Herbert, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, e. e. cummings and more.

Directed by Andrew Willis-Woodward and Dontonio Demarco.  Featuring new work by Reginald Flood, Catherine Weingarten, Dipika Guha, Gina Femia and TBD


 Reading of my first year play at grad school, “Karate Hottie”, will take place Monday, January 26th at 5pm in Kantner 308, Athens, Ohio.  Woot woot!




My full length production about my play about roller skating potential lesbian tweens, "A Roller Rink Temptation" will premiere as apart of New Orleans Fringe Festival 2014(Bring Your Own Venue), directed by Maile Zox and produced by beaubourg Theater Collective

SHOWTIMES: 11/19 7:30pm, 11/20 9pm and 12am, 11/21 7:30pm and 10:30pm, 11/22 9pm and 12am, 11/23 7:30pm

Click here for more info on the NOLA Fringe

That's a pic of the director BELOW!


My monologue play "I'm sorry Marsha McGillicudy"  will be presented at Darkhorse Dramatists(one of my fave companies) 3rd Annual "Tales from the Script" October 17th and 18th in Binghamton, NY!  LET'S GET SCARED!!!!

Click Here for More Info



New Project-I am currently developing a new short film which I have co-written with Daniel Goldeberg through Horned Melon Productions- It is set for production this FALL! More Info

Synopsis: Shirley will do anything to get invited to her younger, cooler boss Gwen's favorite workout denomination: Couples’ Spinning. The only problem is that singles definitely are not allowed (it’s a pretty strict policy). The plan Shirley devises could finally get Gwen to notice her, or it could ruin their professional relationship, destroy Shirley’s career, and maybe even get her arrested. Either way, it’s worth a shot.




-My 1 tweet play was featured on New York Neo-futurist's tumblr for being a "plain old outstanding play."  They are so cool and CRAE!

The prompt was: HEROIC CAT!

Here it is!!

@nyneofuturists cat: i love the neo futurists! I shall save them from getting eaten by a random ugly dude. (Cat saves neofuturists) yay! End




3 of my short plays will be apart of "Laugh/Riot Theater Company's "Rollercoaster:night of short plays" in Edinboro, PA

August 21 - 31, 2014

A unique theatre experience. 30 short plays are performed each evening as the audience chooses numbers between 1 and 40 to determine the evening's scripts and their order.

Plays featured by me: After We Graduate" , "I'm Very Sorry, Marsha", "Romeo and Juliet: the next Generation"


Show dates are Aug. 21-24 and Aug. 28-31.  Performances each week are at 7:30 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and 2:30 on Sundays.  Performances are held at Edinboro University's Diebold Center for the Performing Arts.



My one act "Educational Career Relevant Summer Jobs and important for young Women" for New Perspectives Theater "Women's Work" Short Play Lab  will run August 4th-0th in NY!   The theme of the showcase is "On the Margin".  Daniella Caggiano will be directing!



My work is in program A and my play will be alongside awesome new plays by Joan Castagnone and Yani Perez.

Click here for press release/ At New Perspectives Studio, 458 West 37th Street (10th Avenue)



I am apart of TheaterSpeak's "Write Out Front" Performance art piece where playwrights write in the Drama Bookshop window and their work is projected. I will be writing in the drama bookshop window on

THURSDAY AUgust 7th from 11-1. 

Come see me write IRL!!  (40th and 8th avenue)

INFO: WRITE OUT FRONT runs five weeks, Monday through Sunday, 11am to 7pm (8pm Thursdays) and Sunday 12 to 6 pm. The Drama Book Shop is located at 250 W. 40th Street, across the street from the New York Times Building.The public can engage and support the playwrights via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as follow the development of the play and the writer after the installation ends.

WRITE OUT FRONT was created to bring awareness to the time, space, resources and support that playwrights need to work and grow. It celebrates the tenacity that artists possess in the face of challenging economic times and endeavors to demystify the creative process in order to inspire the creative impulse that exists in us all. For more information on the installation visit

Press Release

Press Article



My 10 minute play "You Looked Hot When you Stole that Dress From Walmart" was voted highly in the LGBTQ Fresh Fruit Festival 10 minute Play Contest and will be apart of the Fresh Fruit Festival JULY 13th, 9pm, NY   

-show at the WILD PROJECT195 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009

Click here for ticks

Blurb from

We present the finalists of our 2014 Fresh Fruit Festival Short Play Contest-Chalk in the Pocket by Lavinia Roberts: What kind of witchcraft are those lesbians doing in their apartment?: Rooftop Project by MF Shyer How far will a gay couple go to get the co-op of their dreams? :You Looked Hot in that Dress You Stole From Walmart,by Catherine Weingarten Walmart, Shoplifting and ..... , Ruskala by Ashlee Mundy Why be a Lesbian activist and what is the price? and Happy & Gay by Mary Steelsmith What are those two church ladies on the decorating committee doing in the Church Fellowship Hall.




I will be taking Brandon Jacob-Jenkins class at The FLEA Theater this July! 

Very Excited to learn from this talented and edgy playwright!  This is the title of the class!  Doesn't it look smart:  ADAPTATION, OR APPROPRIATION, OR FLAT-OUT THIEVERY: A LABORATORY

 Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s plays include Neighbors, Appropriate, An Octoroon, War, and Gloria. His work has been or will be seen at the Public Theater, Vineyard Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre, Actors Theater of Louisville, Victory Gardens Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theater, The Matrix Theater and the Signature Theater, where he is currently a Residency Five playwright. He is a former Lila Acheson Wallace playwriting fellow at Juilliard. Other honors include the Paula Vogel Award, a Fulbright Arts Grant, a Helen Merrill award, the Dorothy Strelsin playwriting fellowship, and the inaugural Tennessee Williams award. He holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU.



My full length play "A Roller Rink Temptation" is in development with beauborg theater company in New Orleans. I will be developing this for its November production!



My 10 minute play "Brunette Cravings" was aPart of Talkstory Theater Company’s,“The Garden Plays”, New London, CT,

Dates:Thurs. June 26 @7 pm
Fri. June 27 @7 pm
Sat. June 27 @7 and 9.30 pm
Nine short plays and monologues, three nights, four shows!

FB Event


My one act "Donkin Donut Themed Life Choices" will be presented at the "Last Frontier Theater conference" in Alaska!  Road TRIP!  The conference runs June 8th-14th!



May 26th-8pm, Dee Hamid and i will be performing one of my monologues at goodbye blue monday in Brooklyn!

Goodbye Blue Monday, Bushwick, BK. Inc
1087 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221


-My 10 minute play "Blueberry Bogus" premieredat Nylon Fusion Collective Saturday, May 10th and Sunday May 11th!!!  The theme of the night is "Spring Break Forever!".  My play is directed by Ivette Dumeng, Nylon's Artistic Director and features Matilda Macdonald Brown, JJ COndon and Christina Toth!



-excerpt from "Are you ready to get PAMPERED!?" was apart of Wide Eyed productions "Seven Deadly Wink" play reading competition series,Thursday, April 24th, 7:30 Drama League,  NYC! <3


-"My short plays "A Rebecca Temptation" and "Fan Girls" premiered at Ampersand Arts, the event be called: "BARHOPPERS"
The shows will be at April 15th and 16th at Red Beard Brewing Company and April 22nd and 23rd at The Pompei Lounge (both in Staunton, Virginia).


-My short monologue play "I'm Very Sorry, Marsha McGillicuddy!" about an awkward girl attacking her best friends with cupcakes will debut at Theatre Unleashed in North Hollywood, California!  it will be apart of their first late night show of 2014 and will run March 28 thru April 26th!!!

-My short play about the Bag In American Beauty was apart of Fresh Ground Pepper's "Object Themed" variety show,SUNDAY APRIL 13th, 8pm, Littlefield.  Bags ROCKKK!!!


-My 10 Minute play "Goth vrs. Cheerleader! (sister's edition)" was apart of Abingdon Theater's "BLANK v. BLANK" 10 minute play fest to promote their new show "Hellman v. Mccarthy"It will be APRIL 7th at 7pm, at June Havoc  at Abingdon Theater, NYC


My educational body positive show for RYB geared toward high school students called "Bloom" premiered at "Indwelling" a feminist conference in NYC hosted by Endangered Bodies and the Women's Therapy Centre Institute.

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Friends Meeting House
15 Rutherford Place @ East 15th St. between 2nd and 3rd Aves
(a short walk fr/Union Square) Suggested Donation: $25 / students, $15

In March, 2011, The WTCI convened an international summit - Endangered Species: Preserving The Female Body. Out of that, the Endangered Bodies Campaign was launched- partnering with like-minded body positive organizations (now in 8 different countries) who are engaged in the the same fight to free women's/girls' bodies from commodification and objectification.


-UGLY RHINO,Tuesday, February 18th @ 8pm at Littlefield in Gowanus. (622 Degraw St._The overall theme of the night is LOVE POTION. directed by Derek T.Butts, the co-artistic director Obligatory theater My play "Love Potion Number Slut"debuted:


hilarious actress Erika Robel as "Cinderslut"

hilarious actress Erika Robel as "Cinderslut"

My play "IceCream is for Lovers" received its NYC premiere at Nylon Fusion Collective in NYC this February 7th and 8th.  The festival took place place at the Gloria Maddox Theatre at T.Schreiber Studios, 151 West 26th Street, 7th Floor 7pm.  Click here for photos of this event


FALL 2014

My new SPOOKY 10 minute play "S'mores for One" was atat Talkstory Theater Company's second show! January 24, Shaw Mansion in New London, CT!!


Her play, " Hot Santa", was apart of the sexy, edgy, "they're all under 30 and are attractive" NYC based company(Less Than Rent)   It wasfeatured in Less Than Rent Theatre's first annual Holiday variety show, How LTR Stole Christmas." My play is all about a female mall Santa who's really HOT!


Catherine's 10 Minute play "Fattina" just premiered at därkhorse drämatists "Tales from the Script" Halloween play festival this October 25th and 26th at 7:30 in Binghamton, NY!!!!




Her play "Tippi and Me" just premiered at TalkStory Theater Company's "Something Wicked this Way Comes"  in Norwich, CT in October!